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The very beginning of company’s business activity takes place in a ground-breaking period in Poland’s history. Dictum made its first steps on the market at the beginning of May 2004, when Poland was entering the ranks of European Union. It was the transformation time for many areas of life and those changes, in particular, affected the commercial law in the field of export - company’s main activity.

Exported goods are mainly from clothing and textiles industry, however, lately company expanded and started export of paper packaging, club accessories like lunch boxes and many more, all of which were manufactured in Poland. After so many years on the market company developed into local leader in export of clothing to Norway. Currently, company is delivering its goods to markets in Norway, France, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Slovenia, England and Lithuania.



Very warm, 100% waterproof and windproof.


Occurs in various different compositions. This extraordinary underwear ensures thermo isolation and water drainage from body, giving the feel of maximum comfort and dryness of skin during heavy excersise.

Polar fleece

Polar Fleece Jackets made of various types of poliester in few qualities.


Various types dedicated for both summer and winter as well as team sports like football.


Available for production in several qualities, starting from Merino wool ending on 100% acrylic. We likely do any fanclub replicas.

Team sports

We produce orders for the need of various sports clubs supplying them with both professional outfits and replicas. In our offer you can also find fabrics dedicated for sportswear production.

Club gadgets

Dedicated for sports clubs: water bottles with print, lunch boxes with print, hats, scarves with print, club shirt replicas out of best quality polyester.


We are able to produce various types of fabrics in different qualities. Please contact us for more information.

Our customers

Dictum works for several very prestigious brands in clothing. However we choose not to list them here. That is because we respect our clients integrity. Each and every one of them should feel totally assured that their secrets are safe with us. They can rely on that the items they let us produce will not come to the knowledge of their competitors or anyone else. When we take part in the development of new constructions and solutions it is always under full business secrecy.


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